IT Support

The primary function of Technique is providing IT support and consultancy to its clients.

Support To accomplish this a dedicated call centre was established at the Aldermaston headquarters in 1999. This call centre is always manned during business hours by manufacturer trained IT support engineers, these engineers only service support requests via telephone or remote access for our contract clients.

We don't believe in using voicemail, answering services or queuing systems, we always provide our clients with a human response. This is achieved by employing the correct number and quality of engineers to support our contracts.

Our contracts all include third party liaison, this unique service means that we will log hardware fault calls, contact software vendors and even contact other IT companies on our client's behalf if it is required to resolve their problems. This not only saves our client hours of correspondence it also guarantees that they are never caught between external companies that are refusing to take responsibility for problems or faults.

We are also able to add remote real-time monitoring to any contract by establishing a node of our WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition on the site. This solution allows us to monitor any number of networks from the call centre and respond immediately in the event of problems occurring. The solution can monitor Unix/Linux, Windows server infrastructure, server resources by threshold (memory, disk space and the like), firewalls, routers and connectivity 24x7 365 days a year.

All Technique contracts are backed by an excellent service level agreement that ensures all of our clients receive a fast and professional service every time.

Technique offers five main types of contract, please click on the links below for further information:-

Telephone Support
Telephone support contracts offer unlimited assistance via telephone or remote access to assist you with resolving system failures. This will include Network operating systems, hardware and any software applications. We will then offer as much constructive advice as possible in order to help resolve the problem.

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Systems Support
Systems support contracts offer all the benefits of a telephone based contract with the addition of preventative maintenance visits. These visits are designed to detect problems before they occur and reduce overall down time throughout the year, the days on which the visits are made are flexible and may be moved to suit you. These days may also be used to undertake any further work required, s uch as installations or resolution of system failure. The amount of visits within any contract can be tailored to your requirements.

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Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery is available as an additional service to any support contract.

In the event of a business critical system failure we will:-

  • Log details of the failure type & diagnose what has failed.
  • Arrange for any hardware or software to be collected on the way to your site.
  • Attend site - Restore business critical applications on like for like hardware if a suitable replacement is not available.
  • Restore non-business critical applications and all other peripheral devices e.g. printers, modems, sound cards etc.
  • Present a summary of systems failure for insurance or reference purposes.

Disaster Recovery response can be provided on a 24x7 basis and once our team are on site we will not leave until the systems are restored to working order.

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Hardware Maintenance
Hardware maintenance contracts can run concurrently with any support contract or as a stand alone service. These contracts can be based around 2 hour, 4 hour or 8 hour response times depending on the location and nature of the equipment to be maintained.

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Application Support
Application support contracts are available for off the shelf style products and bespoke applications. The contracts can include routine maintenance, hosting of applications, resolution of application failures, cosmetic changes and even redevelopment programs.

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Flexible payment plans for support contracts that allow monthly or quarterly payments to ease your finances are available. (Subject to the size and type of contract)

Technique also offers ad-hoc on-site consultancy services, for more information please click here.

For more information about Support please click here.