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Technique was initially set up by two IT support engineers whose goal was simply to offer their time as external consultants to small and medium-sized businesses.

As external IT consultants they offered expert and impartial advice and thus provided IT Solutions that many other IT companies did not promote or were unable to design, due to their sales staff's lack of technical experience.

This ethos quickly proved to be an amazing success. Technique's clients enjoyed the honest approach and the reliability of the technical solutions that were implemented. As word spread throughout the Thames Valley area, it became clear that in order to maintain a high quality of service and respond to the rapidly increasing client base they would need to expand.

Rather than expanding in the traditional manner of IT Companies whereby field engineers and sales staff are recruited, Technique decided to only employ qualified IT support engineers with excellent technical backgrounds. These new employees were trained by Technique to also become external consultants.

This was considered to be a milestone in the IT Industry. Technique were the first and to date still remain the only true "engineering lead" IT reseller. The local "sales lead" competition quickly realised that this way of operating was beginning to corner the marketplace.

The local competition, concerned by Technique's success, began to try and market themselves as "engineering lead" but without actually changing their approach to IT solutions. Hence they continued to operate without the necessary technical sales knowledge and in effect they still remain "sales lead" businesses. The competition even now still find it extremely difficult to compete directly with Technique's innovation and performance.

Technique continued to grow with the addition of further external IT consultants, however a new challenge also presented itself. More and more clients were insisting that Technique should supply the hardware it was recommending within the technical solutions. Whilst it was not originally the intention that Technique would become a hardware supplier, it did seem to be natural evolution to instigate becoming a true systems integrator. The company chose to divert some of its technical resource into contacting hardware manufacturers and establishing strategic partnerships. Technique already had many employees with manufacturer qualifications, so obtaining the highest accreditations with the required manufacturers was purely academic.

Again this was considered a massive leap forward in the IT field for Technique had become a true "one stop shop" for all of their clients IT needs.

Technique has now become the largest systems integrator in the Thames Valley area whilst remaining "engineering lead" and purely independent. All its employees take pride in knowing that they are part of an amazing technical team, people who understand how to unravel the mysteries of IT for all of its clients.






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